Have Book – Will Travel

My favorite part of packing for a trip is picking the books that will join me on my trip. In fact, I tend to put more energy into picking out books than I put into deciding which clothes to pack.

I have had a number of people tell me that Kindles make packing for trips easy because you can carry hundreds of books without worrying about them taking up suitcase space. But this option just isn’t for me. I will always prefer the feel of a book in my hands and knowing just by touch how much of the book is left. I also like that a paper book allows me to unplug from our wired world. I like that I can’t get stuck in an endless journey of clicking links to find out more when I am reading a book. If I read through all the books I packed, it is a good excuse to buy another one in a bookstore I find along the way.

I am getting ready to take a road trip to Napa. It will be a few days off from the demands of my HR consulting business and a time to focus on my writing. I am hoping to get a few chapters done on my novel and possibly jot down a few ideas for future screenplays. I plan to make time to visit Copperfield Books in Calistoga—a place where I have picked up some notebooks and books on previous trips. Main Street Books in St. Helena is also on my list. It’s small but packed full of pages and pages of stories. The used book prices make it easy to walk out with a stack of books, and the owner is knowledgeable and friendly.

This trip I will be packing Jasper Fforde’s The Eye of Zoltar, Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden and Mary Austin’s The Land of Little Rain (a book I bought on a previous road trip through Independence, California, a town Austin called home during her life). Stay tuned for my thoughts on what I read this trip.



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